FAQ (Mobile Attendance App for MCD employees)

Please coordinate with your department Or send email at support or call support team,

If the first screen of the App is showing loading….... then check the mobile network connection first. If your network connection is properly working and still App shows loading page then kill your app from background and open again. After doing all the stuff, if still your issue persist then please contact to MCD help-desk/support Service

First, check the Network of the mobile phone and try again, if everything fine and still you face the issue, then un-install the app and re-install it from URL - mcdonline.nic.in/download.html which is provided by MCD Department and try again.

First, check the old mobile device on which the employee was registered and de-register the app from there. If still issue persists then contact to MCD help-desk/support Service.

From the main-page of the app go to “Setting Icon”(at the top right corner) of Android app and click De-Register & in IOS go to “More icon”(at the bottom)and click “De-register Device” option. OTP will be received for further action, it will complete the process of de-registration.

In case of mobilechange, before installing the app on new mobile, please de-register yourself from old/ previous used mobile device. Then register on new mobile

Please coordinate with your department to enter your office location and address in the database against your record. Please also enable location andcamera permission on your Mobile to use the attendance app smoothly.