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Compatible on Android Version 5.0 or above



Compatible on iOS 10 or above

General Instructions

  • click "MCD Smart" icon and enter your BMID number.
  • Select you corporation shown in below drop down option.
  • On propmt for OTP please enter the OTP received.
  • You should see device register message and asking for device approval which will be done by IT department team.
  • Once device approved by IT team you should open the app again by provide the BMID and OTP (Received), then attendance screen should appear on the screen from where Attendance can be mark from menu as navigated below:

GPS Attendance Instructions

  • GPS Attendance → Self → Today's GPS Attendance → In Time → Next → Click Camera icon (to take selfie) → Mark Today's Attendance.
  • Thereafter it will prompt the message "IN ATTENDANCE SAVED SUCCESSFULLY".
  • You may also check your Attendance history from below menu Navigation:
  • GPS Attendance → Self → Today's GPS Attendance → Attendance History.
  • Further, you can also mark out time by selecting "Out Time" in place of "IN Time"


User Guide (Video)

User Guide (SOP/Manual)